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Our Philosophy

Our Mission Statement is clear:

  • * Building a true partnership with our customer
  • * Providing a proven professional expertise and know-how and a full and on-going dedication to customer care
  • * Ensuring an unmatched quality and reliability
  • * Maintaining a cost-effective and proactive work organization and processes
  • * Guaranteeing the best return-on-investment

Our overall Methodology

We just focus on our core business to fully leverage our IT specialized expertise and provide our selected customers with the right services at the right costs

We establish with our customers a partnership relationship based on openness, trust, and mutual involvement to achieve their strategic objectives in terms of international presence

We review thoroughly each of our customers' specific requirements, marketplace, background, and history before to undertake any projects to develop customized solutions

We invest in internal and external training to build a solid expertise on our customers' products and/or services to provide them with long-term reliable solutions, faster turnaround times, and lower costs

We assess all the available project-related information beforehand and only commit to feasible completion plans in order not to jeopardize the quality of the deliverables and eventually the customer satisfaction

We use management, planning, and tracking tools to streamline and closely control every step of the localization process to avoid potential delays

We use CAT (Computer-Aided Translation) and other productivity tools to ensure consistency and terminology adherence and to reduce the project leadtimes and costs

We ensure a timely communication and an ongoing feedback to maximize responsiveness and give our customers a full visibility over the project status and progress

We always promote a 'no extra costs/no hidden costs' project definition and implementation